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You'll never be a money-making entrepreneur unless you invest in yourself first. Never. 

Why are you here? Chances are, you clicked on a link, got recommended by one of my students, or found me through Google when you were looking up "how to get started in house flipping," or "how to do real estate investing?" Well, thanks for stopping by. But...WHY are you here? I bet you're looking for the same thing I was looking for 10 years ago - a way out. Well, I've been flipping houses for almost 10 years and I have a lot to offer. I know what it's like to want it so bad, but not knowing where to start. So, here're 3 steps on how to get started...


Get started now. Get my 100% badass guide on how to make $5,000 next month by clicking here. This is the fastest way to get started in real estate investing.


Get knowledge. Get up to date relevant tips on house flipping and real estate investing that you can reference as you get into being your own boss.  Check out the blog here.


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@IWantSimple  A big part of our process is about validation and details, but speed to market is also key. Make it simple!

John Smith

@IWantSimple  A big part of our process is about validation and details, but speed to market is also key. Make it simple!

Jane Smith

Ready to invest in yourself now? I'll show you everything you need to do and teach you exactly how to do it.

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